In 1971 the outline of the sofas and armchairs offer was magnificently complete. On one hand the models of big manufactures and great designers, on the other hand the copies of the antiquity and the skilled artisan upholsterers.

An unexpected stone ruffled those quiet waters, a new firm, a little bit rascal, Biesse.

The occasion was unexpected change in the social behaviours: for the first time in the history, in those years the new rules, included the ones of home thinking and living were proposed by young people who wished to go over the schemes adopted by their predecessors. The products matching these new philosophies had not been invented yet. Biesse devoted itself to this target and had been pursuing this aim for many years. In this way sofas with loose cushions and free seats were proposed, complying with the new habits and promoting them. Biesse was the forerunner using fabrics for the first time fresh, joyful and completely removable.

Later came the advertising campaigns with the photographs of Oliviero Toscani, the products with ecological contents, lots of sofa beds: all innovative both in the technique and as suggestion for the use. Now, after many years, the rascal has grown up: he has become an artist. For a world full of products also the creative space has changed. It splitted in several and well-hidden niches: only exploring them new and surprising answers can be discovered. In a world dominated particularly by the rationality the rascal and the artist are essential presences: only they help us to discover unexpected points of view, otherwise unknown opportunities able to give pleasant emotions. To them the wish to remain always themselves.

Biesse products have been designed by Pepe Tanzi, Antonello Mosca, Lucci & Orlandini e Guido Rosati.

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